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August Alsina FanFic





“Kylie, love you a’right?” Nathan was sitting across from me in the library since he’d missed a few classes and needed to be caught up.He looked half in tears smoothing the hair out of my face.

”I’m fine. I got robbed and was a little stubborn about giving my stuff up.”…



“Can you tell us what else happened?” She looked towards me waving her hand between CoCo and her.

I nodded my head gripping Co a little tighter. I could help but to feel her bones underneath the clothes that she wore. She definitely wasn’t herself and it was effecting more than just…

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Chapter 52 Part 2: An Eye For An Eye


“Can you tell us what else happened?” She looked towards me waving her hand between CoCo and her.

I nodded my head gripping Co a little tighter. I could help but to feel her bones underneath the clothes that she wore. She definitely wasn’t herself and it was effecting more than just her.

“Whenever your ready, August.” Mrs. Smith smiled grabbing her notebook yet again.

I nodded my head once more playing with the frames on the glasses that sat on my face. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. The thing was I didn’t understand why was I so nervous?


“Oh my god AirRen! Stop!!!” Tae yelled attempting to pull her off.

AirRen turned around with blood splattered across the top of her gown. The lo ok in her eyes made everyone scared even me. Her beautiful brown eyes were now black holes of hate.

“Baby she ain’t fucking worth it!” I barked pulling her off that bitch. She stayed quiet as Lola dragged her self off the floor slowly making her way to the door.

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.” Tae whispered pacing the room in tears.

“Calm down. It ain’t nobody fault but they ass. They going down fah this shit. Trust me!” I growled gripping the rails of the hospital bed. I looked to see Co’s face still harden and her eyes still black. I knew she was beyond pissed.

“Yall shouldn’t be going through no shit like this.” Trey said shaking his head walking towards Ny.

“Can I talk to August alone?” Co blurted out turning towards the window. I nodded smiling faintly watching everyone exit.

“I love you.” I whispered kissing her neck. I could feel her te nse up as I placed my arms around her body.

“Why would they do that?” She whispered. “They some haters lil mama. We got two beautiful kids and they jealous.”

“But August this was your chance at being a father. First I took that away now they took- OUR BABY IS DEAD!” She yelled smacking the cup of ice off the nightstand before balling up to cry.

I laid down pulling her body next to mine stroking the wild stray hairs from her bun. “I promise we got our whole lives to make babies. Lil man up there wit his grandparents, Kat and Mel.”

“I love you Alsina.” She whispered flatly with barely any emotions. I knew she was hurt so I didn’t let it get to me as much.

“I love you too.” I whispered humming into her ear listening to her fall asleep before me.

“August! Man wake the fuck up!!!” I heard a familiar voice call shaking mr out of the well needed rest.

&ldquo ;Dah fuck going on? Whea Co?”

“Come on man! Ny and the girls tryna talk her out of it but she won’t let go!” Trey yelled running towards the door.

I didn’t bother to argue. I pushed my feet in the Nikes heading to the door following right behind him. As we ran down the hallway I could her girls screaming and crying

“Fuck.” Trey mumbled under his breath.

“What’s going on?” I asked getting irritated. I just really needed to find CoCo.

“Come on!” He waved pushing the door opens.

“What the fu-”

“Ren baby he ain’t worth it!” Nyla cried pulling at Co before getting smacked across the face by a bloody hand.

“Yall fucking do something!” Tae cried moving over to Ny.

“AIRREN?” I yelled running over to talk dome sense into her. I froze coming into clear view of AirRen holding an IV tube wrapped around Treys’s nec k while punching constantly on the scar the bullet from my gun had left on his face.

“August, if you fucking come near me I’ll kill you next!” She barked looking up at me with those black devilish eyes.

“Please I’m- I- I- sorry.” Trey yelped through each gasping breath he managed to take attempting to break free from the restraints that clung from the bed to his wrist.

“Oooh no! Your not sorry! But trust me you will be!” Co chuckled tightening her grip on the tube. “An eye for an eye, bitch! You had the results changed and my baby killed. You kidnapped my kids. By the looks of it youvwabt to due anyways! Im just going to help you out!”

I couldn’t watch this shit go down. Yeah Trey did some file shit but only God could take lives away. I shook my head picking Co up only to have him dragging behind us, like a dog on a leash, squirming for his life.

“Let me go, August!” She yelled punching me straight in the eye.

“AirRen leave him! Fah I beat yo ass!” I growled grabbing her wrist. She looked straight up to the white ceiling letting tears flow slowly down her cheeks releasing the tube.

“They killed him August. He’s- he’s gone.” She whispered allowing a clear view of her red teary eyes.

Flashback Over

“AirRen, do you remem-”


The room fell into an uncomfortable silence making me wish I could take back da fact I told this therapist what the hell Co did that night. Looking over at her stiff frail body I couldn’t help but to feel weak. I loved Co with all my heart and seeing her this way fucked ah niggah up completely.

“August?” My eyes followed the voice watching the therapist look at me over her thin framed glasses.


“Can you please tell us about her arrest?”

I shook my head pr otesting. It was hard enough speaking on how she tried tah kill him. I couldn’t possibly tell this stranger how it felt to see the love of my life and the mother of my kids dragged away in metal bracelets after our baby was killed.

“I- I think I remember.” She blinked continuing to look straight ahead at the book case.

“Would you like to share?” Mrs. Smith asked giving a reassuring smile placing Co’s hands into her palms.


I couldn’t tell if it was the fact that I was completely sick of these sessions or the fact that hearinh what I tried to do to Trey triggered something in my mind but I was ready to try to let go of the anger built up inside. I looked to Aug giving him a faint smile. Seeing him fidget with his glasses and the constant throat clearing made me feel horrible about the whole situa tion. I knew August and whenever someone he loved was going through a problem he would take it on as his on. Only difference was August was stronger than I could ever imagine to be through this all.

“I just remember ….”


I tighten my grip on August as we made our way to my room of the hospital. I couldn’t speak. I didn’t understand why we were running or why most of us suth the exception of Trey and Chris were covered in blood.

“Im gonna go see if anyone called the commotion in, okay?” Tae called making her way out the door.

The whole room filled with silence aside from the running water Ny used to clean her face off with. “We gotta get you outta her.” She mumbled coming from the back.


“Whatcha mean why? You just tried to kill dat niggah.” Aug barked never leaving his place from the Window seal.

“Kill? Me? Who?” I w hispered looking down at that reddish brown blood stains on the gown praying it would jog my memory.

“Trey?” Nik questioned raising her left eyebrow sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I haven’t seen him since…” I trailed off not wanting to speak on the fact that the last time I came in contact with him was for a DNA test for my now dead son. “I wouldn’t even know what room to go to.”

“Baby girl, you tried to-”

The door of the room flew open as Tae ran in crying hysterically, “I tried to stoo them! I couldn’t. I’m sorry!”

“Are you AirRen Mitchell?” A tall bulky officer demanded pulling me from the sheets clicking the cold metal bracelets to my wrists.

“Ayy! You ain’t bout to take my fuckin’ girl!” Aug growled sizing the officer up but his slim lanky frame was no comparison to the officer’s built figure.

“I&rsq uo;d suggest you calm down, Mr. Alsina.” A black women armed in the same black uniform stated.

“Fuck dat-”

“August, baby calm down for me. Please just get me out of this.” I cried listening to the officer recite my rights carrying me away.

Flashback Over

“I remember the hearing also.” Taking a sip of the water from the glass still focusing on the images.

“How do you feel about their convictions?”

“They’ll eventually get out.” I stated thinking about the decision made by the judge assigned my case.

“You don’t believe 3 years is enough?”

“I just want to be happy again.”

“You will be, AirRen. You just have to try. You have a wonderful boyfriend and two beautiful babies. Life will only get better.” She smiled pulling me into a hug trying to convince me.

Life has to get better, right?

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Authors POV

The therapist watched her movements recording everything down. Everything but her voice. Her glassy sunken eyes locked straight ahead like they’ve been for the past two weeks since the sessions started.The only words that came from her were the words spoken to her still living…

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August buckled himself into the driver’s side and drove off.

“We’a we goin’ Lyss?”

“To pick up a family member from Hartsfield airport. I needed to talk to you and I needed company.”

“I ain’ tryna talk about Kell. What happened was foul and I don’t fu-”

“She’s the mother of…

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